Wayne's World.... Cream of Sum Yum Gai

I should have brought my lunch today. I meant to pack one, but waited to long and instead grabbed a yogurt & some all-bran on my way out. Of course, that was good enough for a snack, but now find myself craving a proper lunch.

Which brings me to foodiebay.com, a great little yelp.com / menupages.com clone. It has a nice interface which allows you to search for restaurants across Delhi by location, cuisine, price, delivery etc. This has been a savior for me when looking for a good new place to order lunch from to break the monotony of left-overs.

Today, I executed my search and stumbled across a restaurant that is straight out of the movie Wayne's World. Yes, this is dating me (certainly making me look old to some of you, and frightfully young to others), but I can remember going with some anticipation to watch Wayne's World at the Lombard General Cinema *before* they added Valet Parking, Starbucks & in-theater dining. Yes, that's right - I slummed it in Lombard, Illinois as a tween.

For those of you who didn't grow up in the States, or who had enough taste to not watch Wayne's World - I've embedded a clip of the movie for you to watch.

All of which brings me to the name of the restaurant I found on Foodie Bay... Yes, there is a restaurant in gurgaon called Sum Yum Gai. I'm fairly certain the humor is lost on most people, as the restaurants menu is decidedly un-ironic.

I guess I'll have to make a decision soon on lunch though the competition for Sum Yum Gai is tough. After all with other options like Mo Station & Kwality Foods - how can anyone choose just one.


deepigoyal said...

Hi! Thanks for your words of appreciation for FoodieBay.com

Really motivates us guys to do an even better job.


bheema v said...

Incidentally found that there is a place in Miami named 'Sum Yung Gai' -- http://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/miami/restaurants/381009