St. Patricks Day, originally uploaded by shelmes.

I've been unplugged for two weeks now. I leave for Delhi again on Saturday - but until then, you can find me on the streets of Chicago.

Don't worry - I have 28 more posts to go on my first year in India. But for now, soak up the view in my hometown.


Kaushik said...

Just wondering mate ,

All this time in Delhi ... have you ever been south ?


kautilya said...

hey! nice blog.

I am a Desi in Chicago , doing your role reversal :)

Ranjani said...

Very cool blog...yours posts make me home sick!

ag said...

I am a Chicagoan about to move to Sonipat- a town about an hour away from Delhi. Could use some tips. ami.galani@gmail.com. Would love it if you could shoot me a line!


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