Being a Gora Desi in Europe

Well Folks, it has been quiet on here for a while. My apologies. The Gora Desi moved in January. I am not living and working in France.

Sally & I moved here over the Christmas Break, as Sally started her MBA at Insead. I don't want anyone to think I've forgotten about India - don't worry I haven't. As luck would have it, our apartment here in Fontainebleau was left stocked with Desi Pure Ghee, Hair Oil and Garam Masala by it's previous resident.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss India. I do. It sort of snuck into my being over the months, and I find myself missing the oddest bits of Delhi life. That said, I'm also enjoying steady power, and never running out of water.

I'm working on a new blog at the moment to chronicle this next chapter of life. I will try to hop over here and keep this one updated with the bits of India I continue to find entertaining & will try not to forget about you.

When the new blog is presentable, I will post a new link here. Until then, धन्यवाद.


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