Mouth Freshener at the Market In Ahmedabad

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Well, it's been about a week since Sally and I headed to Ahmedabad for our friends pre-wedding festivities & to witness the kite-flying festival.

We did not arrive in time for the structured & formal International Kite Flying Festival, but rather for the crazy competitive day of flying amongst the locals in Ahmedabad. Thankfully we had a host of local guides to help us make the most of the day.

We flew kites with the thousands of folks on their roofs in the Old City, with the families in the western suburbs, and had a panorama view of the kites flying over the slums on the bank of the river.

On our final day, we took some time out and went on the wonderful heritage walk through the Old City. It departed at 7:30 am, and snaked through a Jain Community, Hindu Community and a Muslim community. We visited several temples/mosque's along the way - and it was here I snapped this photo of Mouth Freshener for sale.

My friend's mother once described one of these mouth fresheners to me as an Indian Tic-Tac. I think that is as good a description as any. They are available in many varieties -but in my experience most taste like Soap, or Black Licorice (I happen to like Black Licorice). However, every once in a while, You will find one you absolutely love.

Do not let my description of this treat discourage your from trying them the next time you are out - in fact, it should encourage you to try them every time you go out. After all - you might love the freshener, you might hate it - but it is the experience of trying the unknown you will enjoy most.

In fact, it is kind of like India.

Or as an Indian might say. We are like that only.

Updated to include proper spelling


Rex said...

Ahem- it's spelt Ahmedabad, not Ahemdebad!!

Rohan said...

Needs a Rev 1. Muslin? :)

Anonymous said...

The tic tac/mukhvas/breath mint also is considered to help indegistion that is caused by spicy food.

Anonymous said...

Or 'Amdavad' as the localites call it.

Did you try the variations they sell where they take cured dates, and stuff them with dry spicy/ salty churan. A thing specific to A'bad Ive found. Quite nice. Though can tend to get a little on the sweet side.
Its usually had post dinner.

Halfmad said...

Ha, just like being at an Indian restaurant, only x1000. I always imagine unwashed hands reaching into those bins to help themselves....guess I'm weird like that.