Lie Flat Seats In A Car?

Yep, sure enough - Mahindra Xylo features lie-flat comfort! Their advertisement campaign also features a television commercial showing the tray table for in-car dining.

While I admit to wishing I had a lie-flat seat during the morning rush on NH-8, the positioning on this car seems all over the place. On the one hand, it is a luxury car with all the comforts a busy executive could need. However, they also are running an ad showing young people partying in the car... Mahindra! Make up your mind, you can't have it all!


Reluctant Warrior said...

From what I could make of it, Xylo is actually launched to compete in the 10 seat cab environment (Tata Sumo, Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Tavera).

That segment did not have any Mahindra presence.

That's why they are confused about how to project Xylo.

M&M also wants to be able to attract those who want a big car but didn't because they didn't want to own something that is used extensively as a cab.

Those'll be the initial buyers of Xylo till it settles comfortably into the cab space.

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