Back From The Dead

Well, I've fallen off the map for a while, sorry about that. It has been extremely busy for me for the last 2-3 months. But thankfully, I've been compiling blog post ideas and am ready to hit the ground running. So, stay tuned over the next few weeks & I'll try to keep my end of the bargin up!

More Yuni-Net Ridiculousness:
I've previously mentioned Yuni-Net, a yahoo group of expats & internationally minded people living in Delhi. It is a resource for finding service providers, getting restaurant recommendations, finding drivers & houshold help, or simply meeting people.

Most posts are very normal, but from time to time, there are some crazy posts that make you laugh. Here are a few of those posts.

Subject: Help! Geckos are eating my airconditner!
Dear Yuni Net -- does anyone know of a gecko repellent? I watch helplessly as our geckos go into the air conditioner and throw out bits of foam and wire and they have also,unbelievable as it sounds, eaten though 2cm diameter electric cable. At first I thought it was mice, but our AC guys have confirmed it is geckos and if you bash on the AC when they are doing it ( they are very noisy), they come running out. I dont want to kill them but would just like to keep them away from the split unit, as their "gnawing" keeps shorting the electrics. The pest control people say they have no anti-gecko agent.

Has anyone else faced this problem?

Subject: :-) Yuni-Net -- looking for a female cocker !
hi... i want to get my cockerspaniel mated, anyone looking for a handome male to mate their bitch with?

Subject: :-) Yuni-Net -- PANAMA HATS IN INDIA?
I realize this is a far-fetched possibility, but I thought I'd try anyway. Does anyone know where I can purchase men's Panama hats in India?

Subject: :-) Yuni-Net -- Want Hair Extensions?
I'm part of a team for a new human hair extensions company that is
launching in India and will begin my training next week, which means I need models to show my work on.

I am looking for 2 people who would be good candidates for bonded
extension, which, if taken care of properly, can last up to 6 months.
Being a model for this product, you will be offered an awesome deal
on the price of hair and installation cost.

Models will be needed for a full day next week. The exact day is


manoj said...
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Sachin Anand said...


I just moved to Delhi this month from DC. Found your blog and think it's hilarious.

Just wanted to see if you had any recommendations for expat networks besides Yuni-Net (I just signed up).

Thanks for the entertainment.

shelmes said...

Hey Sachin -

Yuni-Net is good, there is a group on yahoo called Gurgaon Connection which also has standing happy hours. I work in Gurgaon, so I've gone in the past & met a lot of Delhi folks there (loads of folks commute each day).

Otherwise, there are some standing expat places like 4S bar in Defence Colony, Urban Pind & blogs like this that can connect you with folks. Shoot me your mail & I'll add you to any party/get together invites we come across.

In fact, some of my closest friends came out of posts on blogs like you've just done!

Sachin Anand said...


My email is sachinanand AT

Yea,shoot me an email if you can. That'd be great.