Amigo Was Robbed!

I struggle to understand how Times of India can release a book of restaurant reviews & seriously label TGI Fridays as the best Tex-Mex restaurant in Delhi. Did the reviewer get a personal check from TGIF for this honor? Amigo GKII, you were robbed.

Editors Note to Amigo: Don't get too excited, I'm not saying you cook mexican food like Rick Bayless, but you certainly perform better than anyone else I've tried in Delhi (Sancho's & TGIF included). Oh, and please change your Tortilla Soup recipie stat - here's a better one.

As if the inclusion of TGIF wasn't a big enough insult to Dilliwalas (Delhi Residents for my non-desi audience), the book seems to have named any restaurant at a five star hotel in India as the best in every serious category. I've eaten at all of these (I know, die yuppie scum), and I assure you the best Italian in Delhi is not the characterless Italian restaurant at the Hyatt. If you want to know my recommendation - just ask.

Shame on you Times of India. Shame on you for sloppily naming restaurants to your list & then asking consumers to shell out money to read it. Shame on you for finding another way to slap your name onto a poor product.

I made the mistake of buying your book last year - don't expect my money this time round.


D Chaudhury said...

Agreed! Not about Amigo (because I havent been there), but about the whole book and best places to eat.

Latin Sardar said...

That book actually sucks big time. I have the last year's edition, I got it for free and still feel someone owes me money.
About the Italian, please do recommend what you think is best, I'm crazy about Italian food.

Si said...

re: Italian, I'll recommend Stone in Defence Colony, as well as the Italian place directly across the market from Stone (is that Little Italy?). I keep thinking I should go check out Flavors, but haven't gotten there yet.

shelmes said...

Re: Italian -

I'll say I've had Good Pizza at Flavours, Sartoria (Priya), Amici (Khan), Spaghetti Kitchen (Select Citywalk). The best pasta has been at home.

Just kidding - good pasta at Baci (Sundar Nagar). In fact, the only time I've been served Al Dente pasta has been at Baci - why does everyone boil the life out of noodles here?

enbee said...

So true!!and the whole fiasco of 'best bar and best restaurants in different categories', which i read about in the delhi times...again all rubbish,basically every new bar that had opened in the last year got an award for something or the other..

divya said...

Can u please tell me a good place for italian food?

cymric said...

Dear Scott
I totally agree with you that publication like the Times Eating out guide are totally rubbish..
So seeing that you seem to be a foodie I need you help.
I work in a Inbound travel company;handling client's from around the globe. I've been doing some research at my end of what to suggest to our client's who want to eat out. Now the problem that I face that I can't in my good conscious suggest a place like Lodhi restaurant at Aman. The food might be good but dishing out 7000/- for a meal CRIMINAL or Khan Chacha ,Khan market, no ambience ( even as I write this article they are closing shutters).
I came across Sanchos which seems to be a good option.
So anyways you being an ex pat would probably know their taste buds better...
If you could suggest me what are the best places to dine ( mexican, italian and ofcourse any other great palaces that you've come across including Indian cuisine )

Thank You