I have been writing this blog for about 3 months - mainly as a way to stay in touch with those back home & to have a record of my time here in India. Lately, I've been humbled by the comments & visits I've received from people around the world. I checked my page stats today, and in the month of August, this blog was visited by people in 44 countries around the world.

So - thank you for visiting, reading, commenting on this little pet project. If you have ideas, or topics you'd like to see covered - please let me know. And for those of you keeping track - enjoy the list of countries also represented here.


United States Malaysia Portugal
India Brazil Taiwan
Australia Saudi Arabia Fiji
United Kingdom China Bangladesh
Canada Sweden Kuwait
Netherlands Norway Estonia
France Denmark Israel
New Zealand Mauritius Philippines
Pakistan Oman Vietnam
UAE Tajikistan Ireland
South Korea Switzerland Bahrain
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South Africa Indonesia Japan
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Poland Singapore


Anonymous said...

Dear Scott:

I am quite fascinated by India - it is an assault on all the senses - from the heat, poverty, squalor, unbelievable beauty, and a colorful history.

I visited for 20 days in June 2006 - starting in Chennai, then to Bangalore, Hyderabad, and finally to Delhi/Agra (could not visit the country without seeing the Taj!).

Lucky I had Indian friends to chapperone me, and with a few exceptions - beggars, peddlers, and a hotel receptionist who made it plain that she had no use for me - everyone was hospitable. (OK, so I was pointed at, and giggled at, and turned people's heads on many occassions - but everyone was delightful.

So, I am always curious to know what Americans think of India, and your reports provide just the sort of insight I look for and enjoy reading.

Keep up the good work!

(in New York)

shelmes said...

Thanks Peter! I had a similar experience when I visited India in 2007. I enjoyed the visit so much that I decided I would pursue an opportunity to move here if one presented itself. And thankfully, it did!