Tow Truck... or Tow Tuk (Tuk)

My friends over at Our Delhi Struggle (get it - Delhi/Daily! ha!) commented on the towing (tow truck - or Tow Tuk Tuk) situation here in Delhi - I was able to snap a photo of a unique towing arrangement on my way home from work the other day . This is on MG road - in the middle of rush hour traffic!


Anonymous said...

The correct Indian term, is 'auto rickshaw', shortened to 'auto'. Tuktuk is an onomatopoeic word to describe the same thing, but heard in Bangkok and SE Asia.

If you thought this was crazy, wait till you see one auto where the driver uses his leg to push forward another one, by sticking it out.
Also quite common in Delhi :)

Scott said...

Thanks Rexzilla - I used Tuk Tuk purely for comedic effect... I guess that would require it be funny! haha.