Cute Monkey?

Perhaps even more than the Taj Mahal, India's most popular tourist attractions are Monkeys. Americans, Brits, Japanese - they all have an obsession with the local monkeys. Outside Delhi, every tourist attraction has a resident monkey gang that is all to eager to pose for photographs with the visitors.

This weekend, we took a trip to Udaipur and visited the Monsoon Palace around sunset. As we arrived, I saw a crowd hovering near a tree & looked to find the Monkey I supose I already knew was there. After taking photos, and feeding the guy, the crowd dispersed and the little guy was left alone.

Soon, the Monkey started approaching a group enjoying a picnic on the lawn. He cleverly and quietly snuck up to the crowd before making a bold attempt to steal food from the crowd. Unable to resist, I steadied my camera and captured the ensuing madness.

In the end, the Monkey stole food from three seperate parties, including a bag of Lay's Potato chips. Soon, the crowd dispersed & as the next bus load of tourists arrived, the camera's returned & the monkey posed dutifuly for the camera once again.


Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! said...

love the photos!

Swati said...

That is a great photo story, and the shots are wonderful.