Jai Ho! Slumdog Millionaire Takes Over My Facebook?

Just this week, I realized just how big of a crush the US has on India right now. If India were a teen starlet, she surely has gone from the Disney Channel to starring in the Twilight Movies in the last 3 months.

While in the States over Christmas, I saw Slumdog Millionaire. Infused with excitement I left the theater and proclaimed my love for the film on my facebook account within minutes. I eagerly told anyone who would listen that they should run out to see this movie. Not surprisingly, it fell on deaf ears. It seemed that everyone I talked the film up to responded with a nod that seemed to say, "We get it... you live in India."

Dejected, I boarded a plane to head back to India without convincing a single person to see the film. I guess the US just wasn't ready to embrace this film, or India...

A month later, I started noticing signs that people at home were beginning to take notice of this film. The first to comment was my cousin Tricia, who after watching the Golden Globes acknowledged my comments about the film. My parents chimed in asking me if I had seen this new movie... "Yes" I remarked. "Remember the Indian film I raved about (if I were still a teen a major eye roll would have been inserted at this point)?". Soon, support and commentary on the film seemed to gain speed like an avalanche.

With last week's Oscar win, it seems the whole country has stood up and taken notice. The blogosphere was full of Oscar Party menu planning tips and psuedo Indian Dancing was brought to the Jay Leno Show (What? They couldn't find 10 actual Indians?). An informal survey of our American friends here in Delhi yielded a pattern - many of our parents have even begun learning to cook Indian cuisine at home!

Today, \ even facebook status updates are in love with Slumdog Millionaire.

Congratulations America, I'm proud of you. Welcome to the India Fan Club.


Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! said...

haha you got spammed with "Urdu sexy stories!" LMAO

only in India...!