Delivery Sushi In Delhi

Today I gave another try.

On my first order, I tread extremely carefully into the world of Indian delivery sushi. After a few days of normal digestion, I decided it was indeed safe to eat. To be honest, my anxiety over potential stomach revolt completely overwhelmed my ability to decipher if the sushi was even good on the first round. It was for this reason, I skipped out on blogging.

Today I placed my order for a Spicy Tuna roll & a California Roll and eagerly awaited the delivery boy. The menu has much more variety than this order of course, but let's be honest. I was going for safety on my order. After about 20 minutes, my $14.00 USD Sushi & Miso Soup arrived.

The verdict?
Tasty - ok, not like Nobu or anything... but Tasty. Lets put it this way, if you've been in India for a long time, miss sushi as much as I miss sushi, and desperately need to introduce variety into your diet... Then call them.

My only complaint?
The price is just to high for me to justify this as a regular part of my routine. I guess when you can get 3 dollar chinese delivered to the office, 14 for 2 rolls is just highway robbery.

For delivery dial 4005000 from Gurgaon.
Or visit:


Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! said...

I would be TOO afraid to try sushi in India, too, to be honest. I ate at a Chinese restaurant in Mumbai (which was owned and operated by Chinese folks living in Mumbai) and the food was good, very different from Chinese food I had in the States.

I'm going to China this spring, I've been told that food in China tastes WAYYYY different from Chinese-American food. Can't wait.

Wanderer said...

I have been meaning to try them for a while, Had some sushi at maurya and oberois, bloody expenisive but decent, how long do they take to deliver ?

shelmes said...

They got me my food within about 20 minutes at lunch. I've had sushi at the 5 stars. It definitely is better than this - but then again, in a pinch - it will do.

Anonymous said...

Wanderer, you're most welcome to try us at our new dine-in restaurant in Building 8C, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. We now have a vast range of Japanese cuisine such as Udon & Soba, in addition to Sushi.

Feel free to call us at 4006000 for reservations, we will be happy to assist you.

G said...

the reason sushi isnt so easily/cheaply available in Delhi is because most people are not okay with eating raw fish, or, they're afraid to try it. And so expensive? there are too few sushi restaurants/take aways in Delhi - basically no competition. Really sad!

Another one of my favs not available (quality and quantity) in delhi - peking duck!! what i'd really like is the way peking duck is served in shanghai like fast food - pre-rolled peking duck :)

Punk Girl - Chinese-Chinese IS very diff to American - Chinese and Indian-Chinese: quite bland if you're in beijing and very spicy in shanghai - if you like experimenting you'll have a ball - otherwise i find indian-chinese to be amazing :)

unsolicited comments/advice: sorry - force of habit : )