8:40 am & I'm the first one in the office

In fact, I'm one of the first folks in the entire building!

Work hours here are closer to 10-7 than 8-5, which makes for a great commute at 8 am. Unfortunately, you can't get anything done when you are in this early! Although, frankly - it is nice to be in so early on a rainy day. The odd office hours have been one of the most difficult adjustments for me. I'm not much of a morning person, which you would think would be great in a culture that comes to work at 10 am.

Unfortunately, if I have the option to sleep until 8:30 am, I will. And so, despite my best attempts to shift my sleep schedule back, I still seem to fall asleep at 11. Since everyone works until at least 7, I'm in the office later & so, I'm getting more sleep than ever before - but I seem to have lost 2 hours of my life!

In other news, I spent the better part of this morning entertaining myself in the dark. My power cut at about 5 am, which normally would be no big deal - but as my body is still a bit off, I woke around 4 am. So, I made myself breakfast, boiled water for instant coffee & watched sunrise. My hope is that by tomorrow I'll be back on a schedule & be able to sleep until at least 7 am. I'll keep you posted.



Kasey said...

I hear you. TV is all 10-7 and I lose all those morning hours too. We are getting better at waking up earlier...its the actual getting up part that eludes me. Thanks for the comments. I totally remember watching Spy Kids with no CGI. Those were the days.