Sexy White Folk make GREAT Chocolate!

One thing that is very common in India is to highlight Caucasian, or at least VERY light skinned Indian people in the television ads. Sometimes, it is just a re-use of a commercial from somewhere else - but very often it is custom created for the Indian market.

In India, light skin tone is considered by some to be a sign of beauty. This is shared among many countries where the common skin tone is wheatish or darker. You see this same trend in Mexico, with many ads featuring folks of European decent. China/Japan adverts often feature women of extremely milky skin tones. In fact, in India nearly every commercial break features an ad for a skin whitening cream. These ads are almost identical to teeth whitening adverts in the states. In just 7 days, your skin can be 7 shades lighter....

You would think then that after 2 months in India, nothing could shock me. Until I saw this Kit-Kat Chunky Ad. It is overtly sexual & features only white folk making the chocolate. Of course, the white folk happen to be scantily clad & making borderline erotic facial expressions.

Another trend in India? Using Caucasians for all sexually deviant roles.