What Happens When The Army Goes On Vacation?

Apparently this!

I've never seen camouflaged Samsonite before - have you?


Swati said...

Reading as an Indian, one perhaps has a slight resistance to how someone else may be viewing 'us' - normal paranoia as long as it is within limits and one is aware of it. There are the usual 'sights and sounds' alien to Americans: horrible traffic, roads and roadsense, the lack of space, a sort of intrusiveness on part of the people, etc. etc. If you were to talk of elephants on road or the dulha on his horse, yes, we have heard it all. Some things will evoke the same reactions if you have not been exposed to them before, so I was sort of immune to the car in the pot hole (sorry, the pot cave? burrow? subterranean garage?). But this just made me laugh aloud. Camouflaged Samsonite! Thank you for the chuckles!

And now for the explanation. The camouflage fabric is actually available even outside the army, and may be used by others as well. Mostly people traveling by train who wish to protect their luggage from dirt and dents. Fabric is washable, cheaper and can be changed! So, why not? :)