Rainy Weather & Hot Samosas

I've been patiently sitting in the office waiting out the crazy monsoon rains. We've been getting rained on most of the day & the roads are being punished for it. With tomorrow being Indian Independence Day, many of our office co-workers headed out early today. The early reports have been streaming back in of commutes upwards of 2 hours.

So, in the middle of blogging, surfing the web, and twiddling my fingers, I get a call from Alfred. He's given up on making it home & instead parked his car nearby. The best part? He has a bag of fresh - piping hot - Samosas. Now that is the way to wait out traffic!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog here.

What exactly do you do in India?

Also, did you see this article on the growing jobs boom in india, especially as the american economy continues to spiral downwards?


Scott Helmes said...
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Scott Helmes said...

Great article anonymous :).

I did see the article - I've been sharing with folks back home how different the "outsourcing" market is becoming. How the shift towards talent arbitrage vs. cost arbitrage is very real. This is a great example of that shift at work!