What's Cooking?!

If I had a cheesy public access cooking show, I think I would call it "What's Cooking?!". Of course, to pull this off, I'd probably need to grow crazy hippie hair, talk in a stoner accent & have trippy guest hosts like Suzanne Sommers. Unfortunately for you (or maybe fortunately), I don't have a TV show - only this blog.

And so today, I thought I'd give you another look at one of my recent culinary creations. As you probably read, I brought back some delicious Truffle Salt from Chicago. So, last week I decided to make a batch of truffle fries along with some fresh Mutton Kebabs.

I purchased the Mutton from a halal butcher here, and I'm fairly certain they were pre-cooked. However, not wishing to press my luck (no whammies) I made sure to heat them very well. As for the fries, I found some great potatoes which I shallow fried for a while before seasoning with truffle salt. They were of course delicious.

I'm struck by how easy & delicious the kebabs are here. It seems like a perfect staple for Whole Foods or some other adventurous grocery to offer. They are simple to prepare, tasty & certainly bring variety to the table.