Crazy Ants! Not Aunts!

I made it back to Delhi - it is amazing how much sleep you can get with Tylenol PM in your system. I passed out somewhere over Canada & woke up over one of the three Stans... TurkmeniSTAN, AfghanisSTAN, or maybe it was PakiSTAN.

It was a pleasant trip home, and it was great to catch up with old friends, eat Taco Bell (weird craving, right?), eat pizza from Piece, More good Thai food than I could imagine, and of course Salad. Lots and Lots of Salad!

So, this morning I am back at home & discovered that there are some crafty ants here in Delhi. I left a sealed, unopened bag of sugar on my counter. I bought it at the grocery store before leaving, and hadn't bothered to put it away. I noticed a few ants on the counter & couldn't figure out what they were interested in. But then I realized they had found a way into this bag of sugar. I have no idea how they did it, maybe a few of them sacrificed their lives by eating the plastic so the rest could load up on sugar?

Thankfully, only about 5-10 seemed to have made it inside, so I chucked the bag - but again, I am very impressed with the ingenuity of the bugs here in India. Also, Thanks Aunt Mary T for the links into the blog. Much appreciated.