India Least Popular Among Expats?

According to one survey yes - at least for the long haul. It seems that in at least one category - the number of expats who settle down for the long haul in a country, India fares pretty poorly. However, in several other categories, it ranks quite high.

India ranks the highest in the world (major markets) for cheapest accommodations. It also ranks highest in terms of expat savings (bonus!). India comes in third (after UAE & Singapore) for luxurious living. Besides this, Expats in India earn the second highest salary in the world - after Hong Kong. More than 42% of Expats in India earn more than 100,000 pounds annually (189,000 USD). Source

So, why don't folks settle down for the long haul? Well, maybe it is the overall standard of living. You can only keep yourself in a bubble for so long, right? Or maybe all these folks are saving such large sums of money that they can afford to go home and improve their status of living . Either way, I think this survey says a lot about the experience of living here.

You can create such a wonderful lifestyle, surround yourself with amazingly talented people, have wonderful travel experiences, but it is still a drastically different culture and country from wherever you arrived from. While Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore & others have successfully transformed their cities into showstopping marvels, India has remained decidedly Indian. And frankly, there is nothing wrong with that!


Anonymous said...

My husband & I were discussing that article recently and came to a few conclusions: 1) A number of people who come to India are unable move beyond the dirt; 2) The corruption is a deal-breaker; 3) There is a latent prejudice.

We ourselves are also expats living in the NCR, and have no plan to stay here beyond our initial term of 3-5 years. For us, India is simply another country we would have lived in. We hope to live in at least 2 or 3 more.

Anonymous said...

What kind of latent prejudice do you speak of?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just India. I'm a 14-year expat in London and while I know a number of Americans who've been here far longer than me, it seems us Yanks almost all eventually flee.

Maybe it's the (cue up the violins and BS) expat temperment? You know, since you've already left your home country, you're always going to have itchy feet to move on?

Scott Helmes said...

I think you are right on the expat temperament. Most expats I've met in my limited (nowhere near 14 years)experience are in one of two boats.

In arrival mode (excited, eager, looking to explore) or in departure mode (planning their escape, asking about where to head next, looking for the next job/next challenge).

I haven't come across many people in the middle. Not that there aren't people out there - just always seems easier to find the new arrivals, or the soon to depart.