Things I snuck through customs....

On my trip back to Chicago, I loaded up on some old favorites from the spice house in Chicago. Now, I know what you are thinking - why would someone leave India to buy spices in Chicago?

Well, despite the fact that spices are grown all over India for export, I've found it difficult to find the spices I like to cook with. Maybe it is because I don't know the local names, or sheer ignorance about where to shop for spices. Either way, I am perfectly content to visit one of my favorite Chicago stores on all future visits home.

The Spice House is one of those great local stores that you never seem to visit enough. It stocks all sorts of spices from around the world - and they specialize in hard to find unique spices. It is the kind of place you will spot the local celebrity chefs, folks like Charlie Trotter & Rick Bayless. Now, I'm personally addicted to their blend of Truffle Salt & so I went to purchase some. Unfortunately for me, Italy is on vacation, and so the Spice House is out of stock.... So instead of buying a new jar, I selfishly stole back a jar I bought for Sally.

If you've never purchased good truffle salt, do so immediately. It is simply a course salt infused with truffle oil that imparts a truffle flavor when added to dishes like Eggs, Potatoes, or pasta. It is not nearly as potent as Truffle Oil, but at a fraction of the cost & triple the shelf life, it is well worth the splurge.

Oh, and in case you are keeping track of items I carried back across the border, the list also included Cheetos, Dental Floss (of the ribbon variety), 6 cookies from Sweet Mandy B's and about 65 granola bars (for breakfast).


Scott Helmes said...

Just a test

Scott Helmes said...

Man, looking at that photo - it looks like i was carrying something much more sinister across the border!