Apple Redeems Itself!

You may remember this post, where I complained at length about my iphone screen dying on me - several days after the expiration. Well, after returning to Chicago, I immediately headed to the apple store to see if they would help.

Unfortunately for me, there is only 1 apple store in all of downtown Chicago, so the lines are LONG. I set an appointment for 4 hours later, and went shopping. After finally being seen at the ipod bar, I was pleasantly surprised. They agreed to order me a brand new phone (or maybe it is refurbed?) as a replacement. The best news - free!

So, yesterday, I went back to the store & picked up a new phone. I guess some firms still believe in great customer service.


Scott Helmes said...

Update - I got a call from Apple asking me why I left without paying for my iphone (did Apple just accuse me of shoplifting?)... Well, after some back and forth they realized it was their mistake. The person I met with informed me it was a free replacement. All is well - I'm not a criminal.