2 Thumbs Up for New Mexican Joint!

Ok, so it is hardly Pilsen (Chicago's Mexican Quarter), or Mexico City. But, the new joint is pretty good. Aside from the ENORMOUS menus (photos to come), Check delivered in a sombrero, and slightly gray guacamole (someone needs to teach them the art of the lime juice to stop oxidization) - this place served a pretty tasty mexican meal.

I had the Burrito - and it was great! The Fajitas looked delicious - and the bit I had of enchiladas was really tasty. They looked a little like a taco in enchilada sauce - but the taste was spot on.

So, there you have it - my one gripe has been silenced - I now have mexican food available in India.

Update: Giant Menu


Elisha said...

Thanks a zillion Scott!
I handle the pr and marketing for Sancho's - All Mex'd up and im glad you enjoyed the food and the place and we will look forward to seeing you there more often :)

Scott Helmes said...

Damn- They have good service too!

Ajay said...

When is this Mexican delight coming to Mumbai!!!