Fox International Cuisine - The "epitome" of class.

This restaurant is across the street from my office, and I've never been. Today, I was in the office building across the way & came across an advert for the Fox Restaurant.

One interesting thing you will note, is that the waffle in the center is displayed as desert. In fact, at one of the major coffee chains, you can order one off the desert menu and it will come exactly the way I would eat a waffle at home for breakfast.

The second thing that caught my eye was the obvious typo in the middle text. If you pay just JUSY 50 rps, you get a foster beer. Yep. Jusy rupees. Ironically Just is spelled correctly *jusy* above the spelling error.

But my favorite random typo in this ad, is at the bottom. It is a little hard to see, but the ad reads:
Come Togethers come alive at the Fox Amphitheater

Receptions, Corporate Dos, Cocktail Parties,
Kitty Parties, Birthday or Anniversary bashes,
Theme Parties or an impromptu Beat-it-up session.

Does anyone have any idea what a Beat-it-up session is?