LA Woman

After dinner last night, we headed to Cafe Morrison - a sort of Indian version of Hard Rock Cafe. After the margarita's at Sancho's - I needed a pick me up & so I had a vodka redbull (yeahRedbull is here too now - I've even seen those ridiculous redbull cars here).

Not to be outdone - Dave tried one of the signature drinks on the menu. LA Woman.

Now if I were you, I'd be wondering what traits the Indian bar tenders would think an LA woman embodied. You know - is she sweet, light & carefree? If so - they'd probably mix pineapple juice, soda water & flavoured vodka. Let's say they thought she was sassy & perhaps a bit sour - they'd probably put southern comfort in fresh sweet lime juice.

Well- I think it is safe to say - they must think LA women are sophisticated & yet a little bit raw. At least that is my guess. You see, the LA Woman is white wine & whiskey. Yep - you heard me right. White wine & Whiskey.....

Here's Dave's reaction shot: