Parking in Delhi

Delhi is a very car friendly city. Much more so than Mumbai, Gujurat or other cities/states in India. Here, with the wide boulevards (We can thank the Brits for that) & quiet enclaves (housing colonies) w/ ample parking space - upwardly mobile delhites can boast of at least one car.

It turns out, that driving is therefore not the problem. It is actually parking that is difficult. These great old colony markets are dotted around town - but feature little to no parking. Therefore an entire parking business has sprouted around the lots.

Now, I don't park - my driver does. But still - at every market, cars are parked 2, 3 deep w/ hardly an inch to move. Usually there is some sort of parking attendant with all the Keys, who manages move 1 or two to let you out. Sometimes, this takes 2-3 minutes, sometimes 15. Usually there is a sign nearby asking you not to tip these folks - but clearly - if you don't tip - you won't get out!

I haven't had a chance to document in video this scene myself, but I found this clip that shows what you can expect to see at any of these markets. Personally, I've never seen folks push a car in neutral as is shown, but I wouldn't be shocked to learn it is pretty common. Check out this scene of parking here in Delhi: