Before stepping on the escalator - please view the instructions

In my lobby, there is an escalator that links the main lobby floor with a few banks & a restaurant. The escalator is seldom used, as most people choose to walk the stairs. Apparently, when many of the escalators were going in the government or building owners were worried that people might injure themselves. As a result, at many malls & buildings I've seen instructions on using the escalator posted nearby.

Here are the eight rules to using the escalator at my building:
1) While boarding, gently grasp the handle for comfort & safety
2) Do not attempt to climb up or down the escalators
3) Children must not be left alone on the escalator
4) Do not sit or climb on the main handrail
5) Keep your clothes out of contact with moving parts
6) In case of fire or mishap, do not use the escalator
7) In case of emergency, press the RED stop button
8) The management is not responsible for injury.


Swati said...

Some years ago, a little girl died on an escalator in Delhi. These instructions are therefore now mandated by the law. Even lifts are supposed to display instructions regarding avoiding the doors, emergency buttons, and display the certificate from relevant authorities which shows results of last inspection and date of next scheduled.