One Small Way You Can Help!

Two of my friends in Delhi just started an effort to raise funds for a project at the Pardada Pardadi Girls School.

The idea is to help raise funds for this school to develop a business selling affordable menstrual pads to low income girls & women in India. Unfortunately, the cost of these goods in India is so high, that some women may not have access to clean & sterile pads, and so there are high rates of infections leading to infertility.

If you feel so inclined to find out more, click here to donate:

Pardada Pardadi is registered as a non-profit organization under Society's Registration Act and FCRA for Foreign Contributions. It is registered in the US under 501(c)(3) for tax exemption there.

According to Pardada Pardadi, most rural Indian women and girls catch numerous vaginal infections after attaining puberty. The reason is because they use dirty or unsanitized cloth during menstruation -- because they cannot afford hygienically-prepared sanitary pads.

This project has four goals:
  1. To train students about health and hygiene issues related to menstruation.
  2. To provide hygienic sanitary pads
  3. To create income-generating activity for two Pardada Pardadi graduates.
  4. To minimize the incidence of vaginal infections.