Honda City it is!

After renting a car/drive for the last 6 weeks, I finally settled into a long term rental situation - where I will retain the car 7 days a week. Plus, I'll be able to drive it on Sundays... I settled on a Honda City ZX in a crisp champagne color - I think I'll name the car Cristal.

Unfortunately, though I have a car - I now need to find a driver. As is the case with most things in India - the very fact that I'm white - or rather a foreigner - means that all drivers believe they can get twice as much as they should from me. So - as much as I've enjoyed my driver Durgesh - I had to tell him I wouldn't be ponying up his desired rate. So, when I arrive back, I'll be searching for a new driver.

It is a bit like dating really - I will have several come over and visit with me. I'll be comparing them and perhaps asking them to try out for a week. If they aren't to fast - or to slow, I'll keep them longer. If they talk to much - or to little, I'll probably keep looking.

With that in mind - after 6 weeks of being driven, I think I've figured out the ideal candidate profile.

1) 28-35 year old (I can't have a cougar of a driver... but seriously, young is probably better)
2) Speaks English - or Hinglish will do fine
3) Owns a motorbike - harder than you would think!
4) Willing to keep my hours - late night Friday, Saturday
5) Available for the occasional weekend trip out of town


Zane said...

I'm 28 and live in iowa, i'll drive you. :)

mark said...

dude, for the price of one honda, you can get a nice pair of tatas.