Building Code Violation

My office is in a respectable office building in Gurgaon. We are on one of the most expensive roads in the heart of the town. Like most new office buildings here in India, you find there is a big difference between the glossy exterior, and the functioning interior.

A few weeks back I posted some photos of the window cleaners using boulders to anchor the boom that held the ropes they hung off of. Well, this week, I decided to see what was behind a little cabinet in the bathroom at the office & found a deathtrap. In fact, if you leaned over a bit further, you would see that this is an open shaft to the ground floor that runs the entire length of the building. The shaft is guarded by this unlocked white wood door & after discovering this door in the bathroom, I've found the same door in other areas of our floor.

Needless to say, despite all the new construction - building codes aren't exactly what we are used to in the States: