Batman was great - So was Intermission

Yep, Intermissions are big here. Even in the hollywood films.

Seriously though, I enjoyed the movie. Much lighter than some of the other Batman films - well not in storyline - but it was nice to see Chicago in daylight for a change. I felt like I was on a tour of my old stomping grounds. I'm sure I saw Gene & Georgetti's, Plenty of River North, LaSalle & our Chicago Office were all over it. Plus - I think they used Union Station for at least 5 sequences.

Perhaps my favorite scene was the supposed Hong Kong meeting, which from what I can tell was actually shot at McCormick Place overlooking the Hyatt & the new exposition hall. I guess all those random nights of closed roads, floodlights & crew trucks parked all over the neighborhood were worth it. Chicago looked great!

Since I'm required to comment on Heath Ledger, I will say I found him pretty good in the film! I don't think he'll get an Oscar or anything, but I legitimately can say I believe he would have had a long strong career had he not died this year.