Mega Cabs

Since I'm renting my car/driver - I don't have a vehicle on Sunday. It is the official day off of drivers all over Delhi.

Since I'm no longer content to sit inside all day - and do to my off the beaten path home location - I have to book radio taxis to take me places. If I lived in a more central zone, I could simply hail an auto rickshaw - but unless I want to walk a mile back to the nearest colony, I have to call a radio cab.

MegaCabs is my provider of choice. They allow you to book via phone or web & always arrive promptly. All their cars are AC - although - they usually don't have seat belts (ok - all those PSAs have me buckling up). The cost is quite good for a radio cab 15 rps per kilometer, & you pay only for the time you are in the car. As an added bonus - the drivers are available to be booked by the day. For instance, a full day rental on Sunday would run me about 1850 rps (12 hours) 43.00 USD. In comparison - a cab in Chicago from my house in River North --> Lakeview (about 15 minute drive) is at least 20 bucks.

I've only needed to book this all day option once, usually - I just book from my house to a point & then call again for a return. The fact that this service is available is a godsend. It is precisely this type of service that no travel book or tourism board is eager to promote. They'd much rather you book the luxurious car from the hotel conceirge. Now, admittedly, you likely wont get an english speaking driver with Megacabs, but with a map, list of sights & 2000 rupees - you can see the town & save some money.

So, if you ever find yourself in Delhi - do yourself a favor. Skip the hotel offered drivers & instead call up megacabs. It will save you a ton of money.


Anonymous said...

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Nikhil said...

Nice to read this. I also trust Mega Cabs for there pristine cab service. They are fast and reliable as compared to other taxis

Rakesh Gupta said...

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