Quiet Riot

I've been quiet again - sorry.

A lot has been going on since Sunday. For starters, I'm sitting in the executive lounge at Indira Gandhi International Airport. I'm heading home for a week. I present in the final round of a business plan competition at CareerBuilder this week - so details to come on how that goes. If I were to win, you'll be pleased to know that my idea is India centric - so the blog isn't going anywhere.

In other news, a few key partners at work were finalized this week & two key customers came on for a trial. So those 4 things have kept me very busy. Not that it is any excuse - but I guess when you are working late - it is hard to find new pieces of observational humor to share. I guess it really is a sign that I'm settling in nicely here, I'm reclaimed my work-a-holic roots.

I'll likely be quiet for a bit in the states - but will try to use that time to catch up on missed posting opportunitites. Look forward to re-entry in Gotham.



Kasey said...

It's ok that you're quiet every now and then. It's so cool to read about life in another country. Safe travels.