Delhi's Water Problem

Delhi has a water problem. Mainly, lack of clean water & an ever shrinking supply of underground water. And yet, water features prominently at upscale malls in the form of outdoor fountains, reflecting pools etc.
After the movie today, my friend Sam pointed out this contradiction to me. I hadn't noticed all the fountains outside the mall - but had just seen an public service ad about water conservation a few hours earlier on the road. We discussed the India class divide situation, a frequent topic here in India. And after watching her go of in an Auto rickshaw, I headed back up to the mall to wait for my cab.
As I walked up, 3 tankers pulled in. At first, I thought nothing of it, until I realized these tankers were there to replenish the water in the fountains outside. Yep, in a city where folks living in slums have little to no access to clean water, here were 3 tankers out to keep the water level high in reflecting pools. There is a certain irony in it all, isn't there.