Candy Gram

Today was a pretty normal day as they come around here. I have become pretty comfortable in my surroundings and life has returned to normal. And then, just when you think nothing will stand out to you, you see something crazy.

Usually it is a shot of color in another wise khaki landscape. Earlier this week it was a familiar site contrasted against an unfamiliar background. Here are two examples.

Just this week, I headed into Delhi for a night out with some UN employees. The bar of choice was in Connaught Place in central Delhi. I went to meet Arti & Craig at the Sheraton for a drink before Craig and I headed over. On the way, I spotted a man riding a bicycle with about 15 fake deer on it. These things were on his arms, his bike, his neck... everywhere. I know, you are thinking to yourself - Scott has to be making some of these things up, right?

Well, it is precisely for this reason that I try to document wherever possible. I present for you, the deer man:

I had assumed that the deer man was about as weird as I could find. I mean, how often do you see people with weird goods for sale all over themselves? But, today, I saw Balloon man:

Yes, there is ALWAYS something to surprise you here. But, that is half the fun!