Traffic Accidents

I've just arrived in the office & today was the first day I saw a few fender benders along the way. It must be a Friday thing, but I came across a motorcyle colision w/ a bicycle & another with several cars & a bike. The road situation here can be a bit scary, particularly due to the lack of traffic law enforcement.

The first crash occured at the intersection of Vasant Kunj Marg & Meharuli Gurgaon Road.

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I've noticed over the last few days that while there is a stop light at this intersection. Almost no one pays it any attention. Yesterday, my driver was the first in a line of cars at the red light. When it turned Green, we had to jump into the cross traffic in order to get folk on MG road to stop. Until you exhibit aggressive driving, it seems you will be sitting waiting to drive.

Back to the bike collision. First off, everyone involved appeared to be perfectly fine. There were no injuries & I suspect it probably occured at relatively low speeds. However, the motorcylist was understandably upset that he had dropped his bike and was intent to take it out on the barefoot bicyclist. After some shoving & grabbing by the back of the neck, the bicyclist was able to leave the scene, but you could see how this sort of thing could get ugly quickly.

Now, I've been advised that if you are in an accident, often the best thing to do may be to keep moving. It certainly isn't the most ethical thing in the world, but I'm warned it may pose more problems to stop. I'm not sure I buy this theory, so I'm looking for the Indian Posse to help me out here. Knock on Wood (or as the Indian's say - Touch Wood), I never have to deal with this situation, but say my driver does strike another vehicle. Should we stop, should we keep moving? IP - help me out here in the comments.