No, not the Rhianna song... But a good way to describe Gurgaon. Not really suburbia - but disturbia. I have written a lot about this boomtown over the last month, so I finally had a chance to document a few of the finer parts of it.

First, Gurgaon is all about modern gleaming office buildings, and slums co-existing. Today, I walked down the road to the closest mall for lunch. It was relatively cool, so we decided to get outside and soak up the fresh air... and the symphony of car horns.

Almost all malls follow the same pattern in Gurgaon. 3 floors of shopping, with a movie theater / entertainment zone & food court on the 4th floor. Alfred Almeida (from the former Portugese colony of Goa - and therefore of Indian/European descent, Catholic, and a good Portugese name) and I headed up the escalators to grab lunch. On the first floor, we passed a McDonald's. It was tempting not to grab a fry - but I resisted. Thankfully, had I changed my mind, I'd encounter another McDonald's on the fourth floor... I didn't and instead we went to Subway.

I grabbed a Subway Melt... which curiously wasn't melted... and we sat down next to Hog Dog, a common food stall in malls. It serves the worlds only vegan hotdog.... YUMMY! Also available in the foodcourt, a place called Street Foods of India - I think I need to check it out when I have nothing in the afternoon.

Also up here, the happening bar. It's name? Suburbia, The Urban Lounge. Nothing particularly Urban about Suburbia... But I digress. All this suburban wonderfulness inspired me to record some footage of Gurgaon for you. Look for some video soon!


Kerri said...

Not sure if you say, but Gurgaon is in Matt Harding's 2008 video!!