Indian Web Landscape

So an interesting development in my work life, I'm beginning to lay groundwork for our web partnerships in India. I'm obviously new to the India media landscape & I'm finding the most trafficked sites in India are one of three things....

1) message boards - (people are messaging looking for unsavory things here)
2) file sharing sites - (people are finding unsavory things here)
3) International or US media sites - (bbcnews, youtube, facebook....)

So, I'm calling the Indian Posse to give me some good local Indian sites - what Indian sites are you guys continuing to visit to get news, articles, sports etc? Post ideas and suggestions in the comments area.


LINQ for visual C# 2005 said... ( most popular as it also hosts smtp mails)

Scott Helmes said...

Thanks Shantanu! Rediff is a good one.

Anyone know of any great city guides? was suggested by my friend Nagini - what's the Bombay equivelant?

Rakesh Fifadra said...

Hey following sites might b useful..

For bars, cafes, lounges, hotels, clubs..etc..

Also d one i already gave u ..

Nagini said...

Just bumped into this

Might be helpful

How come we are not on this list :)