The Godfathers of Rock

Today for lunch Arti & I went to the Chinese & Thai Cafe. This place is located on the second floor of our building, so it was the perfect spot for a quick lunch. The restaurant itself is centered around a dance floor in the middle of the room, with dining tables surrounding.

At night I'm told, the place becomes a happening Disc (discotheque), specializing in rock music. In fact, the restaurants website promises the place becomes a "scintillating bar & pub each evening". In keeping with the club decor, the restaurant has a relief sculpture on the main wall of the kings of rock. What is unclear however, is who these kings are. Certainly Elvis, Mick Jagger & Bob Marley can be identified. But that leaves two mystery men. I'm pretty sure from left to right, the first face is Dizzie Gillespie, but the middle face is a big question mark.

Arti has decided the face looks like Martha Stewart, but none of us can figure out who exactly this mystery king of rock is. Any ideas from the crowd?