Delhi has become most crass and show-offish, says Dikshit

I logged onto Yahoo! messenger today at the start of my day & the daily news feed popped up. There are four tabs of news offered here, and they differ from the variety I am used to in the States. Back home, News, Politics, Technology & Entertainment are your four options.

Here, it is News, Business, Cricket (ok sports... but it is always cricket), and Bollywood. The lead article on the News page, and therefore the first thing I saw after sitting down today was the subject of this post. "Delhi has become most crass and show-offish, says DIKSHIT"

Now, I'm sure this subject line on was not intended to be as funny as it is. Dikshit, pronounced (dickshit... no actually dickshhhhhhhhhhhhhit) is a pretty common name. I've spent the last five minutes trying to pronounce this name with out it sounding crass, but no matter how my colleagues try to make me emphasize the shhhhhhhhh sound, it still sounds like.... well you get the idea.


Swati said...

The first part of the word isa long dee as in deep, not di as in dick. The shi of shit is ok - the difference is in the t. It is not the hard t of shit or tin or anything like that. It is a soft t, made with more of your tongue touching the front palate, the sound as in tabla - I don't think I recall an English word right now for that...