Vonage Phone is Up!

I finally found a cordless phone at the local market & have installed it. After visiting 5 electronics shops, I found one who sold phones. As with most things in India, the imported goods are much more expensive than the local ones. I settled on a beetel cordelss model which was quite affordable, but a bit like going back in time.

The phone quality is generally pretty good, but I find myself changing the channel quite frequently. That said, I'm not available on a US number when at home. If you want my number to call, please email @ scott.helmes@careerbuilder.com (I don't want to post it out here to the masses). I will warn you, I'm 11.5 hours ahead - so PLEASE don't call in the middle of the night. Always thing after 9:00 pm CST is good, or 7am - noon is ok CST as well.

Hope to hear from some of you!