John & Jane

One of the things we hear about back in the states, are the huge call centers in India answering our every call. I drive by some of the large call centers in Gurgaon on a daily basis, and I've always wondered - what sort of life does one live on the inside? The 10.5 hour time difference between EST & Indian Standard Time means that these call centers are essentially all night jobs.

In the press, I read article about the lengths these call centers go through to recruit candidates to work for them. You hear of firms having family night - for curious and concerned parents to come check out the firm. They offer shuttles to and from the central districts to the offices in far flung corners.

Last night, a documentary aired here called John and Jane. This documentary chronicled a year in the lives of 6 call center agents. It was a depressing & intriguing at the same time. Is it a white collar sweatshop? Or is it a step up for otherwise unqualified kids? Do the companies keep unrealistic expectations of their employees? Or, are they simply running volume based sales organizations.... You be the judge: