I'm working on my backhand....

Bug season is upon us here in Delhi. Thankfully, it is not to bad in my house, but every morning when I get to my car, there are flies & mosquitoes. It is a bit annoying, as you never quite get rid of all the flies. Usually, one or two linger until you finally push them out a window, or squash them in your paper.

A few days back, Arti pointed out this awesome invention that all the shopkeepers in Priya had. It looks like a badminton racket, but has a wire screen in place of the traditional string. Here is a photo:

Craig went to their local market & ordered 2 of these tools. Arti has lent one to me, and I am now the proud owner of my own bug zapper. The racket is powered by batteries & the center mesh screen is electrified. When it comes in contact with flies, or other flying insects, a sharp crackle sounds, and the bugs fall to the floor.

Those of you who know me, will find it no surprise that within 30 seconds of me handling my new toy, I managed to shock myself. I must say, it delivers a sharp little kick. The sizzle is similar to a shock you might get from an electric socket.

As shocking as it may sound (yeah, good pun, right?) this tool has revolutionized my day. I now look forward to my car being filled with little flies each morning. I have even asked my driver to park especially close to the cow pies so that I can do my part to bringing the North India fly population under control.