New Weekly Feature: Featured Articles in Times of India

Last week Sally asked me a question I hadn't really given much thought to. "How is the news media in India?" This seemed a logical question, but I suddenly came to the realization... I had been reading, but not really thinking about the content.

This evening, on the drive home from work I took some time to read the Times of India. This gave me a great idea for a recurring segment on funny article titles. Keep in mind, these titles are much funnier out of context, so I've left the body copy out. I'm also sure, I could do the same exercises with the Chicago Tribune, and in fact - I encourage someone to do so & leave their findings in the comments section!

Featured Articles from the Times of India:
Issue: Monday, June 15 2008

Page 17: Times Trends
  • In 2050, your lover may be a... robot
  • Pomi the robot penguin has hidden depths
  • Monkey uses garden hose to flee zoo
  • To keep up with women, even young men popping Viagra
Page 10: Times Nation:
  • 29% desi scientists believe in karma
Page 19: Times Global
  • Horse beats man to win race, but just by half a minute
  • New bride walks down the aisle with a black eye
  • Egypt bans 92 year-old from marrying teen bride
And the winner for craziest title & complete article this week:

Alleged rapist married victim in Giridih jail
Unheard perhaps in the annals of India's prison history, Giridih Central Jail was turned into a marriage hall with authorities presiding over the wedding between an alleged rapist and his so-called victim on Sunday morning. Since the groom was an accused undergoing trial for rape, the jail authorities had obtained permission of the sessions court here to facilitate the marriage between the victim and the accused.

Rinku Ansari of Kesra Bahiyar village, five km from Giridih, who has been in jail since March 31, promised a mehar of Rs. 5,000 to the bride, Nesrata Parween of Azadnagar area here in presence of the additional district and sessions judge Radhamohan Tiwari and the jail superintendent....

...Jail personnel distributed sweets among the prisoners at the end of the ceremony and joined in the celebrations... The boy will have to remain in prison and the legal process for his release on bail would have to be followed up by his relatives and the bride... The blushing girl says she has withdrawn the complaint lodged against her husband, and that she hopes they can start a new life once he is out of jail.


Scott Helmes said...

I thought about not posting this article, as it occurred to me that this bride probably was forced into this marriage. I left a paragraph out of the original piece which makes it sound like she accused him wrongly. In any case, I don't take rape lightly, but this article was truly shocking.