Greased Lightning!

So, after a few weeks of silence in my car - I've decided to have the driver put the radio on for me. There is a mostly english radio station here called Hit 95, or Jammin' 97, or Hot 93... you know - some random radio name.

The stations big thing is their promise of 10 hits in a row between commercials. This is pretty nice, as you usually can get all the way to Gurgaon and only have to listen to one set of commercials.

Editors note - it is always the same three commercials:
1) We learn how Mr. Gupta went to Thigh-land & lost his wallet... ohh how he should have purchased AMEX travellers checks
2) We learn how a young boy has given his girl a ride..... at the funland amusement park in Noida
3) Tiger Beer - Party - Tiger Beer - Party

Now, the promise of 10 hits in a row is usually only partially delivered upon. Today, on the way back home - I heard the following songs:
  1. 50 cent & JTimbelake - Ayo Technology
  2. Sean Kingston - Take You There
  3. Maroon 5 - Won't Go Home Without You
  4. John Travolta - The Grease Medly
  5. Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love
  6. Sir-MixALot - Baby Got Back
You get the idea - time after time - I'm shocked by the random tune snuck into a playlist....