French Name, Chinese Food, NYC Decor

So, just got back from lunch at the local French, Indo-Chinese, NYC restaurant. You know, there is one on every corner.... I kid. I ate lunch at this place called Moet today, because the restaurant in my building called "Thai & Chinese Cafe" was not yet open. I bet you can't guess what they serve...
So, we walked next door to Moet. After sitting down, I picked out my meal (American Chop Suey), and settled into conversation with my coworker Alfred. About 5 minutes in, I suddenly realize that I was staring at a wall sized mural of the original cast of Saturday Night Live. Now, this place was going for a lounge feel, so it is possible they just thought this was a cool urban photo. Of course, I immediately started laughing and took a picture.

I hope you get as big a kick out of seeing my Wheaton Homeboy John Belushi as I do!