You say Gora, I say Gringo

Ok, so for those of you wondering quietly to yourself, Why is this blog called the Desi Gora, I have an answer. No, this is not an obscure reference to the Italian Actor Claudio Gora... (I have no idea)... Nor is it the Japanese spa town, or the town in Poland.. (Thanks Wikipedia).

Simply put, Gora refers to the following:

Gora, or Fair-skinned in Hindustani and Punjabi, whether Indian or from other regions. It was earlier, used to describe Britishers in India, hence gave rise to names like Gora Padao, a British post, near Haldwani, Nainital district.

It is my Gora-ness that attracts the stares. I've decided to embrace my gora-ness in a sort of Gora Pride moment. So, there you have it, Gora - Gringo - it is all the same....


Danka said...

Hello from Gori Sikh... never knew about your blog... Please come on my blog