My favorite commercial of the moment:

UPDATE: If the video link is dead, click here: Commercial

The odd thing about Indian television, is that even the all english channels still have mostly Hindi Ads. Since my knowledge of Hindi is about 5 words, I find myself looking forward to catching the few ads that make sense to me despite my language barrier. This Surf Excel (Tide-esque brand) still makes me laugh.

I've looked up the dialogue for translation & basically the whole family is giving the man different tips on ridding himself of hiccups. For example, "hold your breath", "drink water without breathing", etc.. Like most good advertising, this one is short & sweet. It has become an advert I look forward to seeing & it even influenced me to buy their product.


Anonymous said...

So this is the solution to Stacy's hiccups.

Scott Helmes said...

Try it out, Let me know if it works. I'd love to see video of that! I promise to post it.