One in EVERY country

A most of you know, my father spent a few years in Japan. My recent post on Big Bazaar prompted him to send me his comments on a Japanese institution "Don Quixote". Here are his comments:

I never could figure out why they selected the name. It has ever piece of junk you ever
wanted to see. But useful for basics. Usually cheap, but not as cheap as
your finds in India.

Taken from TokyoQool:
...the goods displayed on the street offer a taste of the eclectic choice within - from brooms, fluffy toys and foot-baths to plastic flowers, waffle irons and disco lights.

In case you are ever in Tokyo, and need a disco ball, be sure to visit. More, after the Jump.
If you are sure you can handle Don Quixote in it's full splendor, here is the official site.


Scott Helmes said...

Sally has a theory on Don Quixote:

Wouldn't it be called Don Quixote because the stuff is all truly crap
but appears to be wonderful and perfect?

I think she is right. Some Japanese guy is having a laugh at the expense of Japanese folks everywhere!