Litigation Station

Today's random event was the arrival of the window cleaners at our building. I'm on the 6th floor of an office building & we are the first floor that is set back off the footprint of the building. I've become accustomed to visits from maintenance men, and the odd employee of the building wandering outside our window.

Today, as I'm working on my computer, a fellow in a bright orange prison jumpsuit paid us a visit. He stopped in front of the glass a mere 2 feet from me and worked on his hair for about 5 minutes much to amusement of those of us in the office. After a few moments had passed, his friend wheeled over the window washers boom arm. This connected to a wire from which they can hang over the building and clean windows.

So far, nothing was out of ordinary here. However, I suddenly saw a man pick up a boulder & place it on top of the iron weights that they were using to act as a counter weight to the men over the building. Then 2 or three smaller boulders were added to the pile & held in place by some tape, string, a few plastic poles and a brick.

Within moments, both men were over the side of the building placing trust in their bizarre rigging. For those of you shaking your head in disbelief... here you go:

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