What a difference a week makes!

Today I've had a lot of free time to relax & enjoy being still for a while. I took advantage of the time to check out a nearby hotel for possible membership of pool/gym facilities. It seems the pricing structure is all over the place on these, so I honed in on one nearby to test out for the day.

Now, I mention gym facilities - and they were very nice - but I really had no intention of getting on a machine today, I was all about the pool. So, after a quick tour of the gym, sauna, salon, I paid my 700 rs (15 bucks) and headed for the pool. I had the place essentially to myself all day long as the worst of the heat seems to have receded.

From what I can tell, this hotel used to be a part of the Inter-Continental chain, and seems to be reveling in it's faded glory. The hotels location is in Vasant Vihar (about 15 minutes away) near Priya market. At one time, this neighborhood was known for its diplomats, and this place must have been a favorite of visiting foreign diplomats. As it is, the hotel is a bit of a ghost town, at least on a Saturday.

That said, the pool area was clean, nice and quiet - and provided a great break from the usually crowded, dirty & loud surroundings of Delhi.